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Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis Accessories

We provide an exclusive collection of table tennis accessories that are in high demands in Indian as well as international market for their host of attributes. Our tt accessories qualitative range includes Table Tennis Net, Table Tennis Post Mark, Table Tennis Post Metco Deluxe, Table Tennis Clip, Table Tennis Robots, Table Tennis Cover, Table Tennis Arena, Table Tennis Umpire Table, Table Tennis Towel Stand and many more.

We are exporting various types of qualitative TT Accessories which are used in international competition and tournaments like Table Tennis Post- Champion and Deluxe, Two Star - Table Tennis Ball, One Star - Table Tennis Ball, TT Net, With some colorful products just like 9041 Arena - TT Accessories, TT Cover, 9036 Table Cover, We are also supplying other table tennis accessories which exist in very competitive range and customized quality like Score Board- TT Accessories, Table Tennis Robot as per client's requirement. We can also do some modification or editing in some accessories according to client's requirement.

Table Tennis Ball Two Star

Table Tennis Ball - Two Star

Two Star Recommeded for Competitions Size : 40 mm

Table Tennis Ball One Star

Table Tennis Ball - One Star

One Star Recommeded for Club Level Training Beginners Size : 40mm

Table Tennis Post Mark I 9021

Table Tennis Post - Mark I - 9021

Clip Type and Vertical height adjustment with net extra cushioning to protect table surfec (Internationl Design)

Table Tennis Post Champion

Table Tennis Post Champion - No.9022

Clip Type Strong Metallic Post with Highly durbale springs and powder coated.

Table Tennis Post Deluxe

Table Tennis Post Deluxe - No.9023

Clip Type Black

No 9041 Arena

No.9041 Arena

Made of Steel Tube with Cover

No 9036 Table Cover

No.9036 Table Cover

Table Cover made of Superior Quality Cloth / tetron for protection of table

Score Board With Umpire Table NO9042

Score Board With Umpire Table NO.9042

Score Board with Table

Table Tennis Robot V 989

Table Tennis Robot-V-989

It's designed with two playing mode. One is regular mode and other is random mode. It's very simple to switch the mode by rotating a single knob. The serve in regular more is normative and in random mode is vocational. It's very efficient to improve prayer skill by playing both modes automatively.

Table Tennis Nets

Table Tennis Nets

No. 0644
Tournament Quality Board Approved by TTIF

No. 0645
Tournament Quality Painted Approved by TTIF

Table Tennis Tables
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